It was a quite breezy out in San Francisco today. Definitely was not expecting it to be so cold and windy.. We wanted to stop by Dunk Exchange @ Terra Gallery since I haven’t been to a DXC in forever.. I wanted to see how much the sneaker culture has changed since my last DXC a couple of years back. I fell off in the sneaker game a long long time ago.. I actually remember the day I told myself that it just wasn’t worth it anymore.. It was the time I bought the Altitude Jordan 13′s when they released. I remember paying $120 ballpark for a pair of Js.. then as the years went by, it became $130.. then $145.. then $150.. then $160.. It was just crazy. For a pair of shoes that I barely wore.. I guess it was one of those moments that I hit where I told myself that I was getting older and I had to stop with all these careless spendings and there were more important things to spend money on.. In most cases it was true but I somehow found my way back into sneakers. I couldn’t help it.. Something just made me want to get into sneakers again. I’m no sneaker head of course.. I am not a collector either.. I simply buy shoes because I like them or just like having them. It’s just a good feeling to have a pair of sneakers you really want sitting there collecting dust.

Thanks Brian & Khepri for the awesome craftwork!

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  1. Nick says:

    What Lens Were You Using Here ? And You Have A 5D Mark II Correct ? Thank You, Great Photos.

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