As some of you may already know, F.A.M.E. took place last night in San Jose. We didn’t get there until around 4:30 which was pretty late.. Later than I had planned which meant setting up was going to have to be quick! I had a lot of stuff to do still prior to setting up but I am super grateful to have had all the helping hands that I had. They definitely made the whole set up process a lot more smooth and we definitely made our time before they started letting people in. Over all, I think my set up turned out 100x better than I had envisioned it in my head. Even though the set up and all that looked simple and clean, the thought process I put behind building everything was a pain but standing back and looking at it all complete.. It was definitely worth it all.

It was awesome meeting everyone. You all were dope and definitely made the show worth the while. I appreciated everyone who came out to support the event, and more so my brand. I couldn’t have done it without all my supporters and my squad. Kind of bummed I didn’t pick up my camera to take some photos of the show. It had completely slipped my mind. I was so busy at the booth but I definitely regret taking a few minutes to snap some photos for you guys to see it all thru my eyes. On a brighter note, check out my homie Rolo’s (Dunksrnice.net) blog for a collection of photos from FAME through his lens.

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2 Responses to 6 HOURS OF FAME

  1. Richard Ngo says:

    The best part was waiting for the place to open. I literally was excited the moment I drove into the parking lot because the first car I saw was your BMW. I was like, oh shit… they’re here!!! For some reason I didn’t believe you guys were coming because I felt as if it was a dream. I’ve been starring at your brand since summer. Few months later, I finally had my first job / credit card and my first reaction was “I can finally get something from MKP!!” I instantly saw your original MKP hoodie and copped it instantly with an uglieTV shirt & some vinyls. I was excited to bomb my laptop with it. Later this month, I even got my scripture hoodie from you and just yesterday I got “How to hold a DSLR v.2″ crewneck. I forgot to wear my hoodie into FAME and wished I was repping your brand before we even got into the building. I absolutely love your work Marvin. I’m glad I got to see meet you yesterday. You’re a really chill dude and I knew you looked nervous at first and overwhelmed but dude you did a great job. I loved the set-up and everyone around was so generous & nice. Elissa is absolutely beautiful and it was a shocker to see how beautiful she really is in real life. Great job Marvin & Elissa, hope to see you guys sometime again with even more dope designs!

    • MARVIN KING says:

      Whatsup Richard. This comment was real. I definitely appreciate you taking the time out to write me something like this because it shows that all my hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. I am glad you noticed and appreciate the work I have done. Thanks for coming out to FAME and supporting the event as well as my brand. I am glad you liked the set up, I was stressing out because we got there a bit late so I was hustling to try and get everything together before the doors opened to the public. Finally got it all going with the help of my crew and Elissa of course. Speaking of Elissa, I have your order ready to go out for her poster. Sorry for the long wait! I’ll include some extra stuff in there for you as a token of my appreciation. Thanks again!

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