Crazy. I just came to realize how big of a role skateboarding has played in my life as I am doing research for my final essay for my physics class.. The biggest and most important thing I carried from skateboarding is that regardless of the environment or the conditions or whether there is people watching or not.. Skateboarding is all about the dedication in LEARNING how to land a trick. I remember spending hours in the garage attempting to land my first ollie in 5th grade. No matter how many times I fell, rolled my ankle, busted my ass… I never gave up. Skateboarding is all about failure. That is something we can all learn from and apply to life. Life is all about failing.. but not giving up after you fail, but to keep trying and figure out what you did wrong the previous try in order to succeed.Once you finally land it, the self satisfaction you get is a feeling that is comparable to no other. Even if no one is around, you just go crazy celebrating and yelling because only you will understand the amount of shit you just put yourself through to land that trick. This is definitely a life lesson that everyone should apply to in their own lives with every situation that comes to play. Here is my rant for today.. Now back to my final essay.


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