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  • Snapped a quick photo of Elissa during her shoot with Mycol.


Elissa had finished up her last and final semester for her undergrad at CSUS and I thought that she deserved a nice little get away to just relax. Even though the weather had not gone as planned, we were still able to just relax and enjoy some quality time. It was kind of nice to be out in the middle of no where with a complete new scenery and surrounded by things and people we were just not really used to.. Not to mention, we had no service what so ever on our phones so we were completely disconnected from the social world. The room had wi-fi but it had only worked for a day then it stopped working. Crazy how dependent we are on the internet these days.. It sucked not having the GPS on my phone to find places. It led us to do things the old fashion way.. Asking people and using a paper map haha. It was an adventure.






On our second day, I had hoped to go hiking in the morning. It’s something I know she has been wanting to do but yet again, it was a wet and rainy day. We decided to just start the day off with wine tasting instead. It was the first time for us to go wine tasting so it was definitely an enjoyable experience to get to drive from one winery to the next as each one recommended the next destination. It was kind of cool to not really have a plan, but to just wing it and go with what people had suggested doing. The people were pretty friendly (most of them at least) so it was fun just talking to each and one of them. We ended up buying a couple bottles of wines by the end of our wine tasting adventure.







After all the alcohol, we made our appointment at the spa. I had no idea what we were getting in to with this cedar enzyme bath.. I just know it looked really cool and relaxing in the photos when I was doing some research online. It was also the most expensive thing on their menu so I figured it had to be good. It was more of an experience I would say. I wouldn’t do it again if I had the opportunity though.. However, we did both feel better and relaxed as we walked out of the spa. I guess that’s something you should expect when leaving from a spa, right? Well other than that, they had a dope Japanese garden to roam around before our appointment.




Happy birthday.



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