• Yesterday was the San Francisco Giants parade celebrating their World Series victory against the Tigers. If you guys kept up with them at all then you would know that they had a miraculous comeback during the season then completely took control of the World Series, 4-0. Swept the Tigers in the World Series and won the final game in their hometown. Boss. Giants won the World Series two years back and I had went to the parade then as well and from what I remembered, it was mania. This year, it was easily over a million people in attendance. They shut down all of Market Street and if you are from the Bay Area, you would know exactly how long of a stretch Market street runs and how busy and vital that street is to San Francisco. That just shows the type of spirit and support the city has for its home team. This year, Elissa wanted to come out and experience it all. It’s really something else.. Definitely something you just have to see for yourself. Maybe next year?


  • It was Jayce’s very first school field trip this morning and it was to the Pumpkin Patch. Elissa and I had not expected to go considering we both had work but we both decided the night before that this was something we both did not want to miss out on. I think it’s important that we are there for him every step of the way as he is experiencing all these new things in life. Even though growing up, my parents weren’t around much when it came to school related events but I wasn’t upset or anything like that. I totally understood that both my parents were always working hard to provide a roof over my brother and I’s head and putting food on our table every day. But I do remember times when I would go on field trips with the school and I would see all the other kids with their parents and I remember how badly I wish I had my parents there too. So even with Elissa and I’s crazy schedules, I think we both agreed that we would do our very best to not miss these types of things in the little ones life. As tired as I was, I was so happy that I made it. Seeing Jayce just go along with his classroom friends and playing all on his own without Elissa or myself just made me feel very proud of him. He sure is growing up fast.

  • Yes.. He knows magic too. He was too lazy to climb down so he decided to float his way down.

  • I think it’s so funny that he does this. He looks like a little old man walking around with his hands behind his back.. Another reason why is because I catch myself doing this and I totally got it from my dad.

  • He was so ready for snack time.

  • Look at Mr. Too Cool up there.

  • Our ritual before every meal.

  • After staying up all night in order to catch our 6AM fight to TX…finally.. a bed.

  • Loungin in the hotel.

  • Wekfest Texas is this Sunday. If any of you are going, see you guys there.

    For more info: WeksosUSA

  • A chill weekend night.. Posted with a bottle.

  • Elissa has dished out a new tee! The ‘No Evil’ Tee is now available for pre order only until 10/05. Be sure to swing by her online shop to check it out.

    You can pre order yours here – Elissa Alva Store

  • Wonderwoman.

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