Back in the city again. This time around, we wanted to hit up SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art). We had seen some signs for the ‘Photography In Mexico’ exhibit yesterday so we decided to come back to check it out. It’s been a while since I last went to SFMOMA, which is sad because it’s a block away from my school and I also get in for free for being a student at the Academy of Art University. I really need to start taking that advantage and coming here to check out the exhibits every week. Our visit wasn’t the most entertaining today. About over 70% of the art work being displayed just didn’t catch my interest from both of us. There was a few things that were pretty cool though. I took photos of the things that did catch my eyes, some other I didn’t get to photograph.

We’re just posted at my schools Mac Lab right now. Elissa has some work to get done so as I am left with some down time, what’s better to do than to throw in some photos for you guys. Enjoy.


8:30AM Live Production class today. You get to work hands-on with live tri-caster set up. It’s super interesting and some of the stuff you can do on this system is fuckin awesome.


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