Paid a long over due visit to Sacramento this weekend to spend time with the family. The weather up there was beautiful. It was hot, but not too hot and when the sun was setting, the weather was perfect. The only downside to all of it was the stupid ass allergies that has been spreading around. It needs to hurry up and pass because I am getting sick and tired of waking up in pain from the allergies. It super sucks. Anyhow.. As all of you may know, this past weekend was Cinco de Mayo. Not a common holiday back where I am from. I never really knew the significance of this holiday until I met Elissa. I am grateful to know about this holiday and to also experience it with her family. Makes the holiday more enjoyable and festive since her family is pretty rooted with their mexican side. We got the grill going with carne asada, tortillas, roasted corn, fruit salad and margaritas. All we’re missing is a pinata haha. I’m just playing.. I’m not sure if that was offensive or not but I meant no harm in that comment. Onward. Elissa made some pretty good margaritas. I am no longer a tequila type of guy, I actually hate tequila now but blended with fresh mango and pineapple definitely made up for the tequila taste. Awesome Cinco de Mayo weekend for sure.

Elissa really captured the candid moment in this photo. I love it.


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